Saturday, March 21, 2009

i miss everything....

today, i woke up feeling good...(at least i thought;) ), finally, after weeks of work, i finally have my weekend! yey! BUT, it turned out to be a boring one, its soooo super-duper hot inside the house, but when you go outside, the heat is just too much to bear...bad for the skin, yes, and i'd be squinting a lot, if i dare walk out there, so i preferred to stay inside...i planned on havin a movie marathon, but unluckily i didnt get the "best" copies of the movies i like to watch...they're all ... well, never mind...anyway, what other options do i have? nothing, except to be in front of the computer, again! ( rolling my eyes ^-^ ), as if a full week of "eye - pc" encounter isn't enough..duh...ugh....ym's kinda quiet, no one's flashing their yellow stats...or maybe, they're just lurkng in the dark, playing cool being invisible (like me!)...^-^...oh, there are a few, yes but im just so not in the mood for chatting, so i just ended up surfing booksites, ebay, fb, fs... until i landed in here, finally! wow, its been a long time since ive been here, and it all brought back too many be lying if i say i dont miss the things i used to do, i used to write and the people i used to hang out with...but that doesn't mean, im going back...i like what i'm doin right now, happy with the people i am with, but yes, once in a while, its a refreshing change to look back....i remember saying once, memories are there to be cherished, and remembered. ^-^ so, it's still a good weekend after all...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

as the waves swept away the pain
dreams and goals at bay, remain
for every drop of rain that falls
a tear from my eyes rolls


two down, one to go
something so simple but hard to do
just one click and it's set
all done, no way to reset

minutes tick, seconds pass
is it right, i'm still in doubt
is it becoz this is the last
the best and most treasured at that

there were good times, in fairness
there were shares of laughter and happiness
other times there were madness
oftentimes, i've witnessed craziness

so now with mind made up
i say my farewell, at last
three years have been enough
being on the roller-coaster ride.

happy face...

lump in my throat
knot in my heart
tears in my eyes
sorrows and pains...

im creating an imaginary chest
where i could store them to rest
as i struggle to fight
for this thing called life...

until i open that chest again
in there, my feelings remain
for now, i'd put on a mask
until when, i'd dare not ask.

to those who are left behind..

through the years i've gained
a lot of friends in this game
but just like the sand in your hands
you could only hold on to 'just some'...

those within my grasp
i found out, are just a few
of all those who claimed to be true
and will forever stand by you

but i don't need a dozen
i've already found my gems
you maybe less than ten
but i am forever grateful
you all,have been so faithful...

bittersweet cheezecake...

should i, or should i not?
tears welled up in my eyes
as i contemplate...
am i ready to press on 'delete'?

something that has become a part of me
too many times, they've seen within me,
heart bared, soul freed
im havin' a tough time indeed

but holdin' on brings back those times
moments that should be left behind
feelings, should be buried
mem'ries, need not be recovered

now tears run down my cheeks
as i bid goodbye to my precious 'cheezecake'
with confused mind and aching heart
i now put to rest, my fingers finally lie in state.

Friday, October 17, 2008

damsel in distress...


flowing freely

down your cheeks...

as you wish

to wash away

the pain and dismay

not a bit of care,

hope not,

will u dare?