Tuesday, September 30, 2008

morning smiles...

it's a great feeling

to wake up everyday

knowing there is

someonethinking of you,

and waiting for you

to open your eyes

and see a smile,

you smile back and say...

good morning to me...

finally, you're mine!

sure am glad to have U!

an awesome Sunday....

after 20 years, i was again reunited with my high school chums...it's truly a great feeling to know that after a long time of not seeing each other, there's still that closeness and the special bond that we used to have...it seems just like yesterday that we were having lunch at the cafeteria located at the back of our campus, or that we were lined up at the waiting shed waiting for the bell to ring...sigh...time really flies so fast, and how we've grown and lead different lives and yet, we still managed to find time and have a wonderful get-together such as this one. i really hope this wouldnt be the last and that we'll seee each other again, soon...with all the others who were not able to join us today... here's to the next 20 years... and more...of great friendship!cheers!


An angel of truth and a dream of fiction,

woman is a bundle of contradiction,

She's afraid of a wasp,

will scream at a mouse,

But will tackle a stranger

alone in the house.

Sour as vinegar,

sweet as a rose,

She'll kiss you one minute,

then turn up her nose,

She'll win you in rage,

enchant you in silk,

She'll be stronger than brandy,

milder than milk.

At times she'll be vengeful,

merry and sad,

She'll hate you like poison,

and love you like mad.


temptation's trail....











are you on track?

it's your call!

it is...

...what we hold in our handsthat is ours,
it is what is left when we open our hands and let go...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

be still,my heart...

oh please my heart
don't beat so fast

there's nothing for us
to be in a rush

let's take our rest
for this is the best

my heart, be stronger
remain sane forever...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

just want you to know...

we may not be the best of what we are

we may nottalk often

you may have problems i do not know

but i justwant youto know

no matter how difficult things can be

in the long run,

YOU still have ME!



sometimes are like raindrops...

the bravest thing ever created by God

simply because..

they are never afraid of falling!

ever wonder why we cry?

"when dreams

won't fit our eyes,

they fall

and become tears..."

take sometime...

to smile when you're sad

to rest when you're tired

to love if you're feeling empty

& to let go if you need to...

time endures,

time heals

in this life,

just take sometime

for yourself

and always take time

to pray...

it really works!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

'twill be OK..

when you love someone
you give everythin'
without thinkin' twice
you cry over the things
that pains you
but still you just say
" i'm OK! "
even if it hurts...

cry no more,
whine no more
be ready for
what your heart
is designed for

the misery
reaches its end
time has come
for your heart
to mend...

now i know that...

"Love dies in our hearts but it can grow again if we learn to accept our destiny and give time a chance to heal our wounds. Let us always remember that we cannot always have what we want. We are blessed when we find love but we should still be thankful when we lose it, for what are denied of are things not meant for us, and what we have been given are the ones destined forever. "
" there are some things that we never want to let go of...people we never want to leave behind,But keep in mind that letting go is not the end of the world...it's just the beginning of a new life! "

this is something to think about...

as imperfect people, we make mistakes
we drop the ball, miss the mark
fall on our faces, use too many cliches...

failure can make us feel inadequate,
especially when we compare ourselves
to others who seem to be livin' effectively...

when you feel like a failure,
remember that God is with you
focus on Him
and know that He will be there
to cheer you on,
pick you up
and dust you off
when you fall...

He won't hold your failures
against you
so don't hold them
against yourself....

rain, rain, go away!

once again, the sound of heavy rain awakened me, and as i opened my eyes, my mind started workin' immediately, enumerating all the things lined up for today...things i need to do and finish. it would be a busy day, i have friends coming over this weekend and so i need to prepare for their arrival...i've decided that nothing should ever, dampen my mood, even a "different kind of good weather"...lately i've been in a lot of stressful situations and this time i want to free my mind from all those things and look forward to our most awaited get-together...but alas, the moment i fired up my pc,and logged in here, my spirits went down as something caught my eye...i've been trying not to be affected by anything anymore, but i guess it's the weather that made me vulnerable once again...my previous entry said that "when you plan on getting even, you're just letting that person continue to hurt you.."...i've no plans of getting even, never even thought of that actually..and tried so hard not to feel any animosity towards anyone...but still...aahhhhh, i just wish the rain would stop...


that when you plan
to get even with someone
you're only letting
that someone continue to hurt you...

that ignoring the facts
do not change the facts...

that the easiest way
to grow as a person
is to surround yourself
with people smarter than you are...

that no one is perfect
until you fall in love with them...

and learn...
that life is tough,
but you can be TOUGHER...
never knew
this feeling existed
but then...im just human
took me awhile,
but now i can't deny...
.....this strange feeling is creeping in...

i made it!

A very long struggle for something so hard to achieve has passed. It seems like yesterday thatI heard a familiar voice telling me things I hadn't seen coming...the moments that followed caught me being drowned in a darkened sea of confusion,shock,shattered dreams and broken vows...that was total heartbreak and I never thought there would still be an end to my misery...'twas indeed a very painful thing to go through but like what everybody says, time heals all wounds;there's a light at the end of the tunnel;there is always a rainbow after the rain...and all those positive quotes abt moving on...true enough,I've finally seen the bright side, after all those grey skies I had been staring for so long...I can now proudly say I'm fully recovered, and I'm glad that I have accepted what fate has brought me...I remember a quote that says " The longest journey begins with the first step.." ... that first step has indeed been taken, and I know it wouldn't take so long before I reach my final destination.:)

my prayer...

what is dark in me;
what is weak in me;
what is broken in me;
what is bruised in me;
HEAL what is sick in me;
STRAIGHTEN what is crooked in me;
whatever peace and love have died in me

in his arms...

looking small and very vulnerable
knees drawn up, bare toes peeping
big dark eyes asking for answers
a sign of hope she kept on searching...

'twas one tear that started the flood
rimmed the lower lashes,misery in a drop
collected at one corner,a fluttey blink
sent it all coursing down her cheeks...

"im sorry", was said gracelessly,
but from the heart, so obviously
anguish broke like summer storm
shaking her shoulders,soaking his shirtfront...

tears were all cried out
she was no longer afraid
and then realization hit her
there's no other place to go......
except in his arms.
if you can't get over it,
have every right to torture yourself...