Saturday, October 25, 2008

as the waves swept away the pain
dreams and goals at bay, remain
for every drop of rain that falls
a tear from my eyes rolls


two down, one to go
something so simple but hard to do
just one click and it's set
all done, no way to reset

minutes tick, seconds pass
is it right, i'm still in doubt
is it becoz this is the last
the best and most treasured at that

there were good times, in fairness
there were shares of laughter and happiness
other times there were madness
oftentimes, i've witnessed craziness

so now with mind made up
i say my farewell, at last
three years have been enough
being on the roller-coaster ride.

happy face...

lump in my throat
knot in my heart
tears in my eyes
sorrows and pains...

im creating an imaginary chest
where i could store them to rest
as i struggle to fight
for this thing called life...

until i open that chest again
in there, my feelings remain
for now, i'd put on a mask
until when, i'd dare not ask.

to those who are left behind..

through the years i've gained
a lot of friends in this game
but just like the sand in your hands
you could only hold on to 'just some'...

those within my grasp
i found out, are just a few
of all those who claimed to be true
and will forever stand by you

but i don't need a dozen
i've already found my gems
you maybe less than ten
but i am forever grateful
you all,have been so faithful...

bittersweet cheezecake...

should i, or should i not?
tears welled up in my eyes
as i contemplate...
am i ready to press on 'delete'?

something that has become a part of me
too many times, they've seen within me,
heart bared, soul freed
im havin' a tough time indeed

but holdin' on brings back those times
moments that should be left behind
feelings, should be buried
mem'ries, need not be recovered

now tears run down my cheeks
as i bid goodbye to my precious 'cheezecake'
with confused mind and aching heart
i now put to rest, my fingers finally lie in state.

Friday, October 17, 2008

damsel in distress...


flowing freely

down your cheeks...

as you wish

to wash away

the pain and dismay

not a bit of care,

hope not,

will u dare?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

echoes of the heart...

sometimes you wudnt be needing echos to know what your heart is telling you...
most often than not, silence makes you hear the heartbeat even better.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

while i was on vacation...

i realized that i never lose hope on the person i chose to give my love...if that person will always be the reason for my heartaches...who cares? that person is still the reason why my heart beats...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


your buzz, your smile
your laughter,'been awhile
my heart skipped a beat
nearly knocked me off my feet
as i hear u call my name
i remember you just the same
your voice echoes in my mind
i miss you, why do u choose to be blind?

there are times when... just want to close your eyes and never open them again just want to retreat to some far-away land

and live the life totally different from yours just want to take a deep breath and never get to breathe again just want to forget everything and never get to think of anything just want to pretend you're someone else and never get to be yourself

......And then there are times when you don't know what to do,

there's no one to talk to

.....and you think the best thing for you, is say a prayer and just GO...

this is nonsense....a product of a confused and troubled mind, i guess...

don't just writing w/o really thinking...gosh.....

is he really out there?

everyone has a vision of a perfect moment with 'the' perfect partner...mine is to wake up to the sound of small rocks being thrown at my bedroom window, and see the person i'll love, standing in the rain, askin' me for eternal love..OR someone who would lead me down the beach, with his hands over my eyes just so i can discover the feel of sand under my feet..OR someone who would wake me up at dawn,without any reason but just to burst out anything and talk, one who cudn't wait another minute to find out what im going to say..well, its just a dream...only in my DREAMs..

you know who you are....

shores never meet yet share the same sand...

the moon and the sun coudn't be one yet cross the same sky...

same with friends who don't meet often,

but never stop bein' good friends...

i thank you so much,

im blowin a kiss your way....mwaahh!

pictures of life...


is like posing for pictures,

we pose the way we want to be seen by others...

but stolen shots are better,

they capture who we really are...

the right to smile genuinely...

no point in sacrificing your happiness

when it does not conform to what your heart dictates...

as everyone is created uniquely

everyone does get a right

to choose where they'd be happy...

if it ensures lifetime happiness

then go for it!

you wouldnt want a miserable life

faking the world with smiles...

extremely Special...

without friends,

you are like a book

that no one bothers

to take a look...

but as long as I am here,

you are not only a BESTSELLER...

you'll always be my



sun sets, the sun rises

same ol'souls, same ol' faces

everyone, get done with the errands

its weekend, go out & have some fun!

simply bittersweet....

we are all guilty

of saving old messages

from someone

who became really special in our lives...

going to familiar places

gives us that small twinge

in our hearts

and smile in our faces...

it's simply bitterweet...

coz everytime that person

crosses our minds,

we remember the instances

when we were completely happy...

and at the same time the sadness

after realizing those instances were over...


you yearn for someone

not because you want to be complete...

but because you want to add more C O L O R to your life...

that person musn't necessarily break through your busy schedule...

that person must INSPIRE you to manage your time well instead...

you see, its not a matter of distance and time
it's more like friendship on a higher level...

it's smiling alone

every once in a while

knowing that somewhere,

somehow, someone smiles

at the thought of YOU!

just know....

take time knowing you deserve it...

breathe deep knowing the beauty of life around you...

and most of all, love yourself knowing that you are loved...

simply authentic...

be a mirror of the positives

in the world around you

when you think of perfection

see your authentic self

you have so many gifts to share...

know that i'm behind you

and beside you

ready and willing

to help along the way...

the G word...

someone spun a web of lies

though she knows it wasnt at all nice

now she faces the consequences

and tries to build her own defenses

"thank you for being there everyday,

the laughter, the tears, shared along the way

we've reached the ending,

together, we just cudnt stay"

i'm really sorry...",

that's all she cud ever say

now its time to say the word

and get back to her own world

where she cud be just herself

a place she's always been safe

Goodbye...from her...

Sorry...from me...