Thursday, July 24, 2008


Cause I'm lost
There's no turning back
I keep pushing forward
But my heart's still trapped

I keep these feelings
locked deep inside
Keep trying to run
But there's no where to hide

In my heart
Here they'll stay
These dark secrets
I'll never say

In a daze
No one's amused
Hurting again
I'm so confused

On the floor
My soul is bleeding
In my dreams
Silently screaming

Here and now
My heart is slowing
In my mind
This pain's still growing

so it's my first...

finally! my first entry!..i sooo much want to write a perfect blog for this but at the moment it seems that is way far from happening...all i can do is stare at my screen and watch as these letters seem to dance their way into this box. been here for hours and still, none of those perfect thoughts with equally perfect words. so much for an ultra-intelligent, mind-boggling, heart-shattering and nose-bleeding masterpiece, i'm totally doomed! geeze, i gotta think, think, think....oh my, how can words betray me, just when i need them??? well, i gotta run,run,run...and hope that i'd come back with something worth reading.